Who we are

What sets us apart is our commitment to being a full service firm, and how we’ve expanded the breadth of that commitment. With the help of our in house creative team, media experts, and marketers, we craft PR campaigns for properties big and small. We target potential buyers and sellers not just geographically, but using a number of psychographic metrics. By working as a team, we bring real-estate marketing and sales to a whole new level. We are a brokerage company dedicated to your real estate needs, yet we’re also in the business of connecting and informing communities. We find this helps us provide better solutions for our clients. The true range of our expertise though, isn’t bounded in real estate. Thanks to our sister companies Metro Homes and Us Property Management, we also design, build and manage properties, which gives us the ability to provide you with advice and options beyond that of any other real-estate firm.

Our growth is fueled by our ability to provide impeccable service every step of your real estate experience. To do so, we need to be committed to the well-being and expertise of our employees. Our agents are expert negotiators, networkers and marketers, yet we also make sure they never stop learning by offering them every opportunity to do so. We lead by example. We support them every step of the way, so as to make it possible for them to focus on making your experience as enjoyable and lucrative as possible. Our culture rewards excellence, which means our agents don’t just want to sell, or buy, they want to win their negotiations. They won’t give in until you’re satisfied.