Selling specializations

Not all agents are created equal. If you need to sell a unique type of property, we have the agents who can help.


Selling a unique residential property is a special task that depends on being able to find the right buyer: the one that appreciates your home for what it’s worth. Our elite group of real estate consultants have the experience necessary to understand high-end markets and the networks required to get you that elusive buyer.
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Looking to sell your house? Our real estate and brokers are the most trusted in Ottawa. Let them help you get the value you deserve.
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Selling commercial isn’t something just any agent can do, at least, it isn’t something all agents can do well. We’ve been in Ottawa for over twenty years, which means that our specialists have the industry knowledge and the market intelligence to get you the best purchase price possible.
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If selling a condo is something you need to do, look no further. The Ottawa condo market is unique and more volatile than most. Our condo specialists are experts in their market. They make sure they understand what things are really worth, so you can as well.
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